Our Culture



Flexible working hours

– Between 9 to 11 am, come to work whenever you feel like. You will be working 9 hours including 1 hour of lunch.
– Please make sure to spare enough time to work with coworkers.


– Let’s eat healthy(less healthy sometimes) and delicious meal for lunch. We find it very crucial for our crews to let them have what they want. To choose what to eat, it is one of the excitements during the working day.
– A snack bar with plenty of tasteful chocolates, chips, soft drinks and coffee!Help yourself and gear up with energy!

Company events

– We plan a quarterly company dinner to appreciate our great performances. We also run a yearly company workshop to promote better records. Let’s have fun together. You are invited to tell your brilliant ideas about how to enjoy our working life better.
– Don’t be worried because the company-get-togethers are only during weekdays. You fully deserve your own weekend.

Task sharing system

– Don’t forget to safely save your work on Notion!
– Try interacting with colleagues via Slack.

Be a Specialist!

– You are very welcomed to request the financial aid upon your education regarding our projects. NSTAGE encourages crews to develop further professionalism.
– Gain industry insight from attending relevant conferences with us. Never stop learning. NSTAGE hopes you to achieve both personal and professional development.